Hear It from Them

To say that Sadie is amazingi s an understatement. She helped a skeptic feel 100% comfortable in what she was doing. Her explanation of what was found was thorough and she was warming to my soul. Reiki is powerful and I am so happy Sadie was there by my side through the experience! I will definitely go back! Thank you, Sadie!

Deserey P.

Over the past year I wanted to become more in-tune with myself and more self-aware of my spirit guides to help direct me in my life's journey. I did my first ever reiki session with Sadie and it was amazing. She was spot on with what she told me after my session. I just had my second session and again, was on point. She is awesome to talk to about what shadow work needs to be done and always makes you feel comfortable. I look forward to working towards my better-self with the help of Sadie.

Michele S.

Sadie has a way of connecting with you on a level that is just so amazing. My reading was so spot on and gave me the much needed message that my guides wanted me to hear.

Victoria G.

Sadie is professional, accommodating and made sure I was 100% comfortable. I can't recommend Sadie enough! She is such a kind, caring and warm person. I can't wait to schedule with her again.

Rich K.